explain why bad things happen to good or bad people, where homosexuality comes from, why people get sick, how to be saved and heal.

The primary objective the Lord has called me(Adrian de Villiers) to achieve for this season:

Flood geographical area's with the power and annointing of the Holy Spirit by geographically placing myself in these area's and then combining my prayers  with fasting.

To bring reformation in the body Christ, where prayer is part of a christians daily life and fasting is also a regular part of ones life, and where we don't offer the world a luke warm gospel of self sacrifice to kill our enemies to defend our homeland etc, but we offer the world the real fiery hot gospel of Jesus Christ, where we are prepared to sacrifice all for equality and fairness to prevail and to see even our enemies saved with the power of :

righteousness (non violent righteous unbiased diplomacy & holiness)

prayer combined with fasting in the name of  Jesus Christ,

even if it costs us our lives, just as In this wieviel cialis muss man nehmen you are buying to charge three commercial actors to purchase your way for online. 

Real spiritual warfare is telling the truth, even it cost you your bonus etc, been fair and unbiased in your dealings with any different ethnic group or tongue, not condoning military warfare, but been strong in your faith in Jesus Christ, in holiness with prayer and fasting and strong diplomacy & in order to bring peace in this world you must be prepared to loose everything to do what is right, otherwise fear will dominate you, one must be unbiased and view the situation in an objective manner and do what is right regardless of the actions the people who you are fighting with are taking.


At the moment the body of Christ offers the world a luke warm gospel which has hindered the move of the Holy Spirit, but when the body of Christ gets these principles right the power and move of the Holy Spirit will be released in such a massive way that we will truly begin to see the move of  God the prophet Joel foresaw in the endtimes where God's spirit is poured out on all flesh and the prophecy of Ezekial fulfilled where the people of Israel and Palenstine are washed with the blood of Christ and living without walls.

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Teach the principles of God's love been unconditional but not his protection

Explain how God's protection works

Explain the principles and importance of righteousness, prayer combined with fasting

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