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July 14, 2019


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Ways Of Living With A Family Member That Has Been Diagnosed With A Terminal Illness

One of the most painful experience is dealing with a family member that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. After it has been proved that there is no cure for the illness the only solution in these cases is acceptance and moving on. A terminal illness is a disease that has been proved to have no cure, and the end result is death. The only medications that patients that are suffering from terminal conditions can get are drugs that can help manage the conditions. However these compassionate providers can help people that are battling terminal illness to cope with the situation at ease. There are various examples of terminal illness that people are battling with these days; they include cancer, HIV and AIDS, leukemia Ebola and many more.

The only solution for people that are battling terminal diseases is accepting the condition. The problem comes with facing the harsh reality and accepting that our loved one is gone. It is even worse is how to face them every day and pretend everything is okay. There are various suggestions that can help people to deal with their loved one or a family member that is suffering from a terminal disease. There is need to adapt to the personality changes of the patient. Most likely the patient is likely to feel sad and helpless since they are facing death. They are likely to have difficulties controlling their emotions, there are times that they are agitated, gloomy, regrets, and even acceptance. If you are dealing with a person that has been diagnosed with a terminal illness there is tolerate their behavior. We should try to be available for them each time they need us.

If possible we should visit them often and spend some time with them. It is good to remember that they are living in their last days. If at all before they were sick you would take days and months before seeing them, its now time to visit them more often. There is a need to make sure that the patient is not lonely, they need to be left to have a social life. Being around people will help them to feel loved and not left out. Pushing them away makes them feel as if they are a burden and nobody wants to be associated with them, this might push them to the grave.

Another beneficial factor that people should consider is by encouraging the patient to talk and unleash. Talking makes them happy since they get to remember the good days and relate with them. People that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness may not accept the truth, and some may be in denial. Denial is sometimes okay because it gives them the hope that they need to live each day expecting that a solution may be found that would cure their problem.