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July 14, 2019

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Things to Have in Mind Before Going on a Paris Catacombs Trip

Although Paris catacombs are shown in movies, a lot of people prefer visiting the place to get the real thing. Since you go to Paris catacombs once in a lifetime, it means that you do not know exactly what to get there. Researching and watching movies can give you an idea of what to expect there. Below are some of the things to have in mind before going on a Paris catacombs trip.

First, you should know that it is not a haunted house. It was made for relocation of bodies in the overflowing Parisian cemeteries which was health hazardous. The city decided to use the abandoned limestone quarries as storage space. Visiting the catacombs gives you a glimpse of the city’s past. The other thing you need to have in mind before visiting Paris catacombs is avoiding peak seasons. Most people are free on holidays and tend to crowd at the place and it is, therefore, advisable to visit when there are few people available for tours.

The other thing is booking early for the tour so that you can even prepare appropriately. Having a tour guide will help you know more which is beneficial to you. When you book a Paris catacombs tour early, you skip the lines available. The other thing to have in mind is the dressing accordingly. The shoes you put on should be comfortable since it involves trekking up and down. The other thing you will need to have is a jacket or sweater since the place is a bit cold. Do not put on long dresses or even skirt but instead, you can wear short or trouser.

You should also arrive there with a full belly. It is not possible to go in with anything to eat as there are also no shops inside. Also no that there are no bathrooms and do not take a lot of drinks. The journey inside does not take very long and afterward, you can visit a restaurant.

Do not stray from the path once you get to Paris catacombs. It is not safe to find unmapped tunnels and you have to stick with the tour guide. The other thing you need to know is your boundaries when in a Paris catacombs trip. The experience is once in a lifetime and you need to go when you are fully prepared to get the maximum out of the tour. The above are some of the things to know before going on a Paris Catacombs tour.