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February 8, 2020

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What The Bible Teaches On Trinity

In the scripture, the term Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are common. Many people assume the doctrine of the trinity is about the presence of three Gods, especially when the term ‘person’ is used. However, the doctrine of trinity teaches about a one God who is three in one. The doctrine of the holy trinity maintain the biblical witness to the singleness of God’s being and account for the glorious divinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Trinity teaches that the creator of the universe is one with respect to His divine essence, yet three with respect to His Triunity as an internal distinction.

God is not only the father, but He is also the Son and the Holy Spirit as well. The term father means the personal distinction that comes with the divine nature and the virtue and relationship with the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the church. The Son of God, who is Jesus Christ, came to redeem the world, as described in the book of John. He was one with the Father in the beginning, and He became flesh who lived among humans. It is described in the same book that everything that was created would not have been possible without the son. That implies that the Son Jesus Christ is one of the Godhead.

We also find instances in the bible, where Jesus received worship on several occasions. We know from the ten commandments that only God should be worshipped, and when Jesus received worship, it means He was God as well. The other thing that tells us about the divinity of Jesus and why He is the son and part of the Godhead is the fact that He forgave sins. It is only God who has the authority to forgive sins. Jesus told his followers that if they had seen Him, they had seen the Father because He is in the Father, and the Father is in Him.

The Holy Spirit is also part of the Godhead and was promised by Jesus before ascension that He will come to accomplish the work of renewal of the ungodly and sanctification of the church. The Holy Spirit is part of the trinity that confronts Christians when they make mistakes and comfort them from time to time. God does not consist of separate persons as individual human beings. Human beings are separate and different from each other and work with varying interests and wills because the relations to each other are external. The Godhead composing of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit has an internal relationship, and they operate with the same intention, interests, and will.

When dealing with human beings, God has a single and personal love for his created beings. The personal love that God has for men and women on earth is what is used to describe Him throughout the bible. God loved the world deeply that He had to send His only begotten son to die on behalf of the human race. The Holy Spirit is constantly helping Christians on their journey towards becoming like Christ and ultimately being reunited with God.

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